It’s been too long…

Posted: August 19, 2010 in Uncategorized

Well, it’s been way too long since I blogged. I guess you can assume that I have had nothing on my mind….Or, maybe it’s taken me this long to get my thoughts together…
Either way, it’s been too long.
The summer has taught me many things. For one, I still have the tools to minister to students, families and kids. For too long I have felt that I was not going to be used anymore. God has taken me to places for the past several months that I didn’t want to go. Satan has had his hands in the pot too.  He has led me to places that I never wanted to go.  Glory to God that I am much better on this side of things and that God is still King.  (regardless of my claim, He’s still King)

It’s been too long since I’ve relied on Him.

As this is my first blog in many months the underlying theme here is that “it’s been too long…” It’s been too long since I blogged. It’s been too long since I bragged on God. Just a quick thought here: How long has it been for you?

Take today and think of how long has it been since you:  Praised God.  Smelled the roses.  Told someone you loved them.  Took a breath.  Rested.  Saw a sunrise or sunset. Listen to your child laugh. Read a book. Watched a really good movie. Walked in the woods.  (& the list goes on….)

Don’t wait. Make time today and escape the title of “it’s been too long…”


Would I be as willing?

Posted: March 17, 2009 in Uncategorized

I saw a movie last week that just blew me away. Now, let me start by saying that I love movies. And this is not some attempt at using the word love to describe my emotion toward everything. “Oh, I just love diet Mt. Dew.” When I say I “love” movies, it is a real expression of my heart. Movies comfort me, and bring me to a place that is calm and relaxing. But that’s not the point here.

I saw the movie “Frequency”. It was the first time I had watched. I remember when it came out, but I just had no desire from the preview to watch it. But once this movie started I couldn’t get myself away from the tv screen, or the couch. I was sucked in.

The short of the film is this; It’s set in two time periods. Basically the late 50’s and the early 90’s. In the 50’s there is a family and the dad is a fireman. He has a wife and a son. They live in a neighborhood with many families. The dad loves his son and has aspirations of him becoming, not only a fireman like his father, (3rd generation) but a great baseball player.

As it happens the dad is killed in a fire. The son continues life without his dad, but at the same time never moves on because he feels a deep sense of loss.

The dad is in love with HAM radio and he is constantly trying to make contact with someone.
The son is doing the same thing in a modern, 90’s setting.

They make contact with each other and things really get great from this point on.

There are all kinds of twists that happen so that the son helps the dad make different choices in life so that the son and dad can be together again. The son tells the dad to make a choice against what he would normally do so that he won’t die in the fire. The dad does and the future is different.

As the movie rolls on, you see the dad and son so desiring that little time together via HAM radio. They are loving the communication. They are loving the time together. They are bonding as a Father and a son.
(I won’t take time to continue the movie as I don’t want to ruin it for you.)

Here’s my point to this weird display of unorganized thoughts: Would I be as willing to do the same?
I must take a more spiritual direction here. For the past couple of weeks I have been battling this desire for reading God’s Word. I have not wanted to have a quiet time.
This really is bothering me.

After watching “Frequency”, I am dumbfounded. Here we have a son that so desires a relationship with his father that he will go to any degree, loss of sleep, loss of relatioships, loss of job possibly, ALL just to hear his fathers voice one more time. All for the chance to see his father again…..

I want this desire. I want to want to hear my Father’s voice. I want to want to see my Father.

A friend recently recommended reading Daniel 10. I did that for the first time today. I see so many similarities in the Word and this movie. The son in the movie needed to hear from his father. He needed to hear that he made his dad proud.

I feel that I am in that place also. I feel that I am in need of hearing that I am “treasured by God.” (Daniel 10:19)

I think the first place I should go it to my knees. I know there is something that has been placed between me and God. I also know that I have placed it there. I am asking for the abundant compassion of our Lord to shower down on me. I am ready to find the lengths that I am willing to go to discover my Father again.

As “Frequency” comes to an end, the father and the son embrace. The father tells the son, “I’m still here, little chief.” I know that God is telling me that He is still here. I just need to find that frequency, and tune in.

Hello world!

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My first Blog. I can’t believe I can actually say that. I am guessing that for some reason someone will read this and wonder why I would do such. Well, I can’t give an answer to that yet, but as this journey begins maybe I will learn something about myself. Maybe you will learns something about me. Maybe…..